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LodgeNet Updates Hotel Premium VOD Service

31 May, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

LodgeNet, which offers premium VOD content to guests in 1.8 million hotel rooms worldwide, has lowered prices for rentals and updated its user interface, the company said May 31.

“Recent tests of the new VOD program have been encouraging, showing double-digit increases in ticket sales,” said Derek White, president of LodgeNet’s Interactive and Media Networks division. “It represents a major initiative to broaden our appeal to consumers through a completely redesigned program with new pricing, a broader range of content choices and an improved user interface, all available in the earliest consumer content window for Hollywood movies.”

White said LodgeNet’s premium VOD offerings — which are offered to guests up to 60 days before their release on DVD or home VOD, and up to 90 days before they get to Netflix, Redbox or iTunes — would be priced at nearly half the $30 DirecTV is charging for its premium VOD services.

“This is an incredible differentiator for hotel-based entertainment and a tremendous value and convenience, but something of which travelers are almost entirely unaware,” he said.

A majority of LodgeNet’s offerings, most of which are past the premium VOD window, will be priced at $10.99, a drop of roughly 35%, while some titles will be priced at $4.99 each.

“With the TV still the overwhelming platform of choice for guest room entertainment, we are very excited about LodgeNet’s proactive and comprehensive approach to increasing the visibility and value of our in-room movies,” said Mark McBeth, VP of information technology North America for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, which partners with LodgeNet. “They are clearly committed to helping our hotels get the most out of their interactive TV technology and we look forward to benefits in not only our bottom line, but overall guest satisfaction.”

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