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Home Media Magazine publishes weekly reports of top home entertainment sales and rentals, along with detailed analysis of other trends affecting the home entertainment industry.

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Projections: 'Bridge of Spies' Maneuvering for Strong Debut    8 Feb, 2016

News By: John Latchem

DreamWorks' 'Bridge of Spies' leads the crop of newcomers looking to take over the sales charts the...More>>

'Goosebumps' Scares Its Way to No. 1 on Disc Charts    3 Feb, 2016

News By: Thomas K. Arnold

The live-action 'Goosebumps' movie from Sony Pictures, starring Jack Black, rode its nearly $80...More>>

Report Says Pay-TV Should Focus on Content Recommendation    2 Feb, 2016

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Long ignored by pay-TV, but championed by Netflix, personalized content recommendation technology...More>>

Big Media Ups SVOD Acquisition Rumors    1 Feb, 2016

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Big media and tech want in on the subscription streaming market land grab. And if you can’t beat...More>>

Projections: 'Goosebumps' Hopes to Creep Up the Charts    1 Feb, 2016

News By: John Latchem

Sony Pictures' 'Goosebumps' will look to take advantage of a relatively slow week of new releases...More>>

'Straight Outta Compton' Heads Straight to the Top of Disc Sales    27 Jan, 2016

News By: John Latchem

Universal Pictures' 'Straight Outta Compton' debuted at No. 1 the week ended Jan. 24 on the Nielsen...More>>

Survey: Super Bowl Tops Black Friday as Best Time to Buy TV    25 Jan, 2016

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

With the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos set to meet Feb. 7 in Super Bowl 50, new data from...More>>

Projections: 'Straight Outta Compton' Seeks to Top Disc Sales Chart    25 Jan, 2016

News By: John Latchem

Universal's 'Straight Outta Compton' will look to take over the home video sales charts the week...More>>

'The Martian' Launches Into Top Disc Sales Spot    20 Jan, 2016

News By: John Latchem

The home video debut of Fox's brainy sci-fi drama 'The Martian' blasted off the week ended Jan. 17,...More>>

Projections: 'Martian,' 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Set to Dominate Charts    18 Jan, 2016

News By: John Latchem

Fox's 'The Martian' and Sony Pictures' 'Hotel Transylvania 2' are set to dominate the top spots on...More>>