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Bed & Breakfast (DVD Review)

31 Jul, 2011 By: Angelique Flores

Prebook 8/2/11; Street 9/6/11
Green Apple
$26.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Dean Cain, Kimberly Quinn, Juliana Paes, Julian Stone, Eric Roberts, John Savage, Julia Duffy, Bill Engvall.

It’s hard to keep the formula for a romantic comedy fresh — man and woman get thrown together under tense, yet comical, circumstances. As hostility rises, so does the sexual tension. And the once-enemies end up happily together.

While Bed & Breakfast follows this recipe, it still manages to add its own flair and humor to the story.

Jake (Dean Cain) is a handyman in a small, quiet town in California wine country. He’s just inherited a house from an elderly woman for whom he worked and is converting it to a bed and breakfast inn.

Halfway around the world in Rio is Ana, played by the smokin’ Brazilian actress-model Juliana Paes. She has just inherited a house in California as the next relative in line of the property’s deceased owner. She wants to sell it in order to pay off the debt her late father left her.

Jake and Ana get tangled together when they figure out they’ve both rightfully inherited the same property, and both badly want it. While they battle it out legally, they find themselves attracted to each other’s sweet natures.

Though Jake is a rugged small-town guy and Ana is a sophisticated city girl, the romance largely rests on the chemistry between Cain and Paes. And the supporting characters such as Maria, the sassy housekeeper, and Jake’s brother Pete (Bill Engvall), the wisecrackin’ sheriff, keep the humor level afloat.

In addition to the charming romantic plot and the comic value, it’s nice to see a movie with a Latino cast that gets the nuances of different Latino cultures’ and doesn’t stereotype. This sort of diversity that reflects real life made it a standout film for me.

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