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Best Buy Revamps Magnolia

3 Mar, 2010 By: John Latchem

The new Magnolia entrance at Best Buy Costa Mesa

Best Buy is taking its Magnolia Home Theater sections to the next level. Feb. 26 the Best Buy in Costa Mesa, Calif., unveiled its upgraded Magnolia Design Center aimed at the more upscale consumer.

“We believe our customers in the Orange County area will benefit from not only having exclusive brands, services and selections, but also unparalleled experts to help create customized entertainment and home automation systems to fit their lifestyles,” said Steve Delp, COO of Magnolia Audio Video.

Best Buy bought out the Magnolia electronics brand, founded in 1954, in 2000 and proceeded to install hundreds of Magnolia Home Theater sections in its stores, offering high-end electronics in a home furnishing-type setting.

The new concept is designed to appeal to customers looking for premium home entertainment solutions, according to Michael Sonntag, GM of the new Design Center, which offers high-performance audio and video options with such premium brands as McIntosh, MartinLogan, Pioneer Elite, Sonus Faber, Control 4, AMX, Vienna Acoustics, NuVision and more.

Displays include a Panasonic 103-inch HDTV that sells for about $60,000, a bathroom mirror with an embedded TV that is invisible until turned on, an HDTV that rises from a dresser, a patio area, living room and home theater options that include projection screens and plush seating. Magnolia Design Center also offers cutting-edge technologies such as solar panels, whole home automation and outdoor electronics. The center also offers business solutions, with a mock-up of an interactive conference room.

The Costa Mesa Magnolia Design Center is the first of its kind within a Best Buy store on the West Coast (there’s another in Chicago), and one of only eight Magnolia Design Centers in the country, in addition to the hundreds of Magnolia Home Theater spots. Magnolia reps indicated plans to expand the Design Center concept to other locations are already in place.

The Best Buy Costa Mesa is located at 901 S Coast Dr Ste F, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

For more information visit magnoliaav.com.

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