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Rentrak: Rental Revenue Up 6%

16 Aug, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Rev-share company eyes strong second half of the year at video stores

Rental revenue from DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies increased 5.9% in the second quarter to $1.48 billion, compared with $1.39 billion during the same period last year, according to new data from Rentrak.

Portland, Ore.-based Rentrak, which facilitates revenue-sharing agreements between the studios and independent video stores, said the rise in rental was driven by online and by-mail disc services and kiosks. Rental turns for the quarter were up 8.4% to $565 million.

Top 10 DVD rental titles included Little Fockers (Universal Studios Home Entertainment), Tron: Legacy (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment), The Green Hornet (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment), The Dilemma (Universal), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 (Warner Home Video), I Am Number Four (Disney), No Strings Attached (Paramount Home Entertainment), The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment), The Mechanic (Sony Pictures) and The Tourist (Sony Pictures).

Top 10 Blu-ray rentals, in order, included: Little Fockers, Tron: Legacy, The Green Hornet, I Am Number Four, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, The Dilemma, The Mechanic, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, No Strings Attached and The Tourist.

“While overall brick-and-mortar rentals declined, many of the larger brick-and-mortar stores’ average revenue per store increased versus last year, which indicates that the lesser-performing stores are the ones being closed and the remaining stronger-performing stores are doing well,” said David Paiko, VP of home video with Rentrak. “This news, combined with the announced plans for Blockbuster from its new owner, may mean a more energized brick-and-mortar rental segment for the second half of the year.”

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