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‘Becoming Barack’ Has ‘Lost’ Obama Interview

27 Jul, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

(L-R): Executive producer Stuart Goldman and Mitch Perliss (DVD sales and marketing) at a recent L.

Since his November election, every DVD possible concerning President Obama has been released, from profiles to his inauguration to his speeches.

Another is on the way Aug. 11, but this one has something you’ve never seen before.

“Only a few people in the world have seen it, and that’s what makes it different from the others,” said Stuart Goldman, executive producer of Becoming Barack: Evolution of a Leader, about a 12-minute, never-aired 1993 interview with Obama when he was teaching at the University of Chicago. “He was really finding himself then. He was talking about the importance of technology, the importance of grassroots campaigning, the importance of minorities being involved in the system.”

In addition to the “lost” interview, two other early recorded interviews with the President are included: a 1990 news interview with Obama after he was elected president of theHarvard Law Review and a 1986 Chicago radio station interview that hasn’t been heard since its original broadcast.

The hour-long DVD from Little Dizzy Home Video also includes personal photos and interviews with family members and Chicago-area business and community leaders, including Obama’s half-sister and the President’s first employer out of law school.

Goldman said the 12-minute interview was done by a Chicago filmmaker named Zeke Gonzalez, who was working on a documentary about black leaders in the Chicago area.

“Then this young leader named Barack Obama shows up, and even though he interviews him, for better or worse, Zeke put this in the vault. I’m glad he did,” Goldman said. “This DVD is very much like Obama’s early resumé on video. It’s one thing to look at the raw interview, but once I got into this I realized there was more to this journey — [it’s] a great story.”

To promote the DVD, Little Dizzy has gone grassroots itself, with social networking and progressive group campaigns.
The DVD includes a seven-song original soundtrack produced by the founder of Little Dizzy, Michael Sutton, a making-of featurette about the DVD cover illustration and interview excerpts. The DVD is listed at $14.99.

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