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Report: Smartphones More Prone to Problems Than Regular Cell Phones

20 May, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Apple's iPhone is among the smartphones referred to in the report.

Those thinking about getting a smartphone to play their mobile media may want to think again, according to a new report by online warranty company SquareTrade.

Smartphones are 50% more likely than regular cell phones to have problems and fail, the report says. Phones like BlackBerrys, Treos and iPhones not only cost a lot more than regular cell phones and have higher service charges, but they also fail at a higher rate than regular cell phone.

“SquareTrade's findings indicate an additional hidden cost: 1 in 3 smartphones malfunction within the first three years, compared to about 1 in 5 basic cell phones within the same amount of time,” the report said. “Smartphones … are bedeviled by precisely what makes you buy them: features. The added complexity of Bluetooth connectivity, touch pads, full keyboards and big hard drives means that more things can, and will, fail.”

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