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MPAA Gets $1.8 Million, Permanent Injunction vs. Zediva

31 Oct, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

The Motion Picture Association of America, or MPAA, has won a permanent injunction against VOD service Zediva, which streamed movies over the Internet to consumers by using off-site DVD players.

The MPAA member studios also will receive $1.8 million from Zediva’s operators.

The studios first sued Zediva in April, and a judge awarded a preliminary injunction in August.

“Today there exist myriad ways for customers to watch movies legally over the Internet, from iTunes to Hulu to Netflix to Vudu to Amazon to cable and satellite video-on-demand services, and many, many others,” said Dan Robbins, MPAA SVP and associate general counsel. “Those services pay the studios licensing fees for the right to stream movies, and those fees allow the studios to invest in new movies and compensate the writers, directors, actors, set designers, caterers, electricians and countless others whose work contributes to movies.”

Working out of Silicon Valley, Calif., Zediva had hoped that by streaming just one DVD playing on one DVD player to one customer at a time, it could avoid normal copyright infringement and licensing fees. The judge in the case disagreed.

“We are pleased that this case ended with a court order permanently ending Zediva’s infringement,” Robbins said. “This result sends a strong message to those who would exploit the studios’ works in violation of copyright law, on the Internet or elsewhere, and it is an important victory for the more than 2 million American men and women whose livelihoods depend on a thriving film and television industry.”

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