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TellX Debuts on 'The Code'

16 Jun, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Owen Carton’s work has finally paid off.

The founder and president of San Carlos, Calif.-based software company TellX will have his interactive technology debut on First Look Studios’ June 23 DVD release of The Code, exclusively at Best Buy.

“The studios know us. The question was who would be the first? They’re open to new revenue opportunities,” Carton said. “We were waiting for the perfect apex of brand and retailer support.”

For years now TellX has been pitching its interactive DVD software, waiting for someone to take a chance with a title. The Code (aka Thick as Thieves) will be the first to offer a variety of interactive options to viewers, for nearly every scene. Working with existing DVD players and remotes, one click during the movie shows you a map of where the scene was filmed. Another click offers details about the fashions Antonio Banderas or Morgan Freeman are wearing. Quick production notes and book marking scenes are other options available. All without leaving the film, or getting in the way of watching it.

“As an independent studio, we are always looking to add value to our packaged products and develop relationships with brands,” said First Look COO Dean Wilson. “TellX allows us to do both.”

The brand partner for The Code is Microsoft, though viewers will also have a chance to win an Apple iPod via a “Cracking the Code” featurette integrated into the film. Best Buy is taking the list price of $28.98 down to $14.99 for this first TellX title.

With 200 million-plus DVD players in American homes, the opportunities for new brand revenue streams are big, Carton said. More titles from other studios will include TellX in the fourth quarter, with brand partners from the cosmetics, fashion and automotive industries. He couldn’t share what specific titles would include TellX, or which brands are on board.

“A grandmother in Peoria can do this,” said Brad Brown, president of entertainment marketing firm Brown Entertainment Group. “From a corporate standpoint, there’s so much you can do with it. From a consumer standpoint, you only access it when you want to. It’s not interruptive.

“Consumers want control. This gives it to them.”

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