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Study: ‘Hangover’ Top VOD Title

14 Jun, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

The Hangover

The Hangover, the top grossing ‘R’-rated movie in history with $277.3 million at the domestic box office, is now the top-selling video-on-demand (VOD) title as well, according to a new study.

The Warner Bros. Digital Distribution comedy, about a weekend bachelor party gone awry, stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha, and was released Dec. 7 on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Hangover beat out previously top rated Twilight and Gran Torino, the latter also from Warner, to rank supreme among top VOD titles released since 2007 — when Warner and other studios began the VOD renaissance using technological improvements to deliver digital content, according to Avail-TVN, a Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based research firm.

Indeed, Warner titles comprise nine of the Top 20 spots.

“The fact that the movies on the Top 20 list are so recent illustrates the growth of the movies-on-demand category and highlights the shift in studio release strategies to better meet consumer demands,” said Doug Sylvester, chief strategy officer for Avail-TVN. “Strong VOD movie performance is continuing in 2010, and we expect to see three or four new additions to the Top 10 list this year. VOD is emerging as a key channel for digital media delivery.”

All-Time Top VOD Titles
1. The Hangover (Warner, 2009)
2. Twilight (Summit, 2008)
3. Gran Torino (Warner, 2008)
4. Four Christmases (Warner, 2008)
5. The Proposal (Disney, 2009)
6. Alvin & The Chipmunks (Fox, 2007)
7. Taken (Fox, 2008)
8. Knocked Up (Universal, 2007)
9. Bride Wars (Fox, 2009)
10. Juno (Fox, 2007)
11. The Bucket List (Warner, 2007)
12. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Universal, 2007)
13. He’s Just Not That Into You (Warner, 2009)
14. Baby Mama (Universal, 2008)
15. Yes Man (Warner, 2008)
16. 17 Again (Warner, 2009)
17. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (Disney, 2007)
18. Fool’s Gold (Warner, 2008)
19. 10,000 BC (Warner, 2008)
20. 27 Dresses (Fox, 2008)

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