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Wine: The Basics (DVD Review)

3 Jul, 2009 By: Angelique Flores


Prebook 7/7/09; Street 8/4/09
Special Interest
$14.99 DVD
Not rated.

This instructional DVD on wine is great for both beginners who are starting from scratch as well as those who have some knowledge of wine.

The program is divided into two parts. While the presentation in some segments in part one is a little hokey, the information is accessible and applicable. The instructor, Richard Berger, teaches viewers the basics about different types of wines and winemaking regions, how to read a wine label, how to order wine in a restaurant and how to pair wine with food.

The second part gets more complicated. Some of these segments are pretty lengthy and detailed and are geared more toward serious oenophiles who have gone beyond beginner status. Here, Berger has a conversation with a winemaker, who talks about grapes and the process of making wine, and an owner of a wine shop, who discusses French wines. One segment also shows how to cook peppercorn steak.

In the most informative and useful segment, Berger chats with Harry Orlove of the Cheap Wine Club. While Orlove recognizes that $100 wine can be delectable, he also believes many great wines can be found at less than $10 a bottle.

This DVD focuses on California wines, but there is still plenty of information about French wines and other regions. The DVD also offers a free supplemental guide at thewinedvd.com, with more information filmmakers couldn’t fit on the DVD.

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