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FlixChip to Offer USBs Pre-Loaded with Content

28 Sep, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

Chico, Calif.-based startup FlixChip has signed its first content deal with Film Chest Media Group and will begin offering USB drives pre-loaded with Film Chest content later this year.

The Muvichip is credit card sized with a logo of the content included, and includes a magnetically attached USB with pre-loaded film content. The first Muvichips will be available later this year, and content sold on the devices will be UltraViolet-enabled. Pricing will be “competitive with Blu-ray” the company said.

FlixChip also has developed a companion Muvifi device ($35) that wirelessly transmits the USB content to up to five WiFi-enabled devices. A gaming version of the Muvichip is also planned.

“The time is definitely now for the launch of filmed entertainment on the USB platform,” said FlixChip CEO and founder John Strisower. “The key thing is that the customer already owns the hardware they need for Muvichip playback and Muvifi local streaming, and they already know how to use it. Along with hard media, VOD and other digital delivery systems, Muvichip promises to be the next major content delivery platform.”

At launch Muvichip will be compatible across Apple, Android and PC devices, with more platform support expected in 2013.

Strisower said FlixChip is in discussions with four major studios and several independents on licensing their content for Muvichips. Film Chest will sell Muvichip-enabled content via Amazon, with FlixChip working to have other online and brick-and-mortar retailers carrying Muvichips by the start of 2013.

“FlixChip products represent a new yet familiar model for digital media distribution,” Strisower said. “We’re working with the world’s largest and smallest entertainment companies to bring their content to audiences. With the disappearance of optical drives from computers, optical media are becoming buggies. Our products represent the next step in the miniaturization and portability of filmed and gaming content.”

For more information, visit indiegogo.com/muvichip or facebook.com/flixchip.

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