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What to expect from DVDs of direct-to-video movies.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score (DVD Review)   9 Dec, 2007

Pretty uneven and not as funny as the earlier TV show, but it's good to see these characters back...More>>

Bender's Big Score
Memory (DVD Review)   29 Apr, 2007

Bennett Davlin's 'Memory,' based on his novel, works best in its quieter moments that establish the...More>>

Sandlot: Heading Home, The (DVD Review)   29 Apr, 2007

There are a few plot points that will cause anyone older than 10 or so to raise a few questions,...More>>

Sandlot 3
20 Centimeters (DVD Review)   26 Nov, 2006

In the proud tradition of director Pedro Almodóvar comes the surreal Spanish comedy '20...More>>

20 centimeters
No Money Down (DVD Review)   19 Mar, 2006

'No Money Down' is funniest in the first scene, then gets bogged down in a complicated plot.More>>

No Money Down
Whirly Girl (DVD Review)   19 Mar, 2006

'Whirly Girl' will make for a decent girls-night-out flick, a cute date film or a way for lonely...More>>

Whirly Girl
Art of 16 Bars, The (DVD Review)   19 Mar, 2006

'The Art of 16 Bars' (musical notation of a rap song) transcends the usual glorification of rap...More>>

Art of 16 Bars
El Rey De Los Coleaderos (DVD Review)   9 Mar, 2006

This gritty documentary tells the story of Juan De La Torre.More>>

El rey
Last Drop, The (DVD Review)   9 Mar, 2006

This is a perfect pick for lovers of action and war movies. The themes and characters have been...More>>

Last Drop
1 Minute Workout: Total Body Toning (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

Variety is so important for an exercise regime to be effective and show results. That's a hard...More>>

Total Body Toning
Cuban Blood (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

This is an original story that fans of Latino cinema will enjoy. It has the star power of Harvey...More>>

Cuban Blood
Camp Slaughter (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

The box art makes this look like a brand-new 'Cabin Fever,' but horror fans who look past a few...More>>

Camp Slaughter
Uno Bianca (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

Kim Rossi-Stuart is a screen pleaser whose passion and acting ability is pure Italian and worth...More>>

Uno Bianca
Unveiled (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

This is a must-watch drama for gays, lesbians, global citizens and the open-minded. Cross-dressing...More>>

18 Fingers of Death (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

Martial arts fans will get a chuckle from their favorite genre being turned upside down, and '18...More>>

18 Fingers of Death
Little Fish (DVD Review)   1 Mar, 2006

'Little Fish' is one of those all-too-common cinematic tales of reformed drug users, lying drug...More>>

Little Fish