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Home Media Magazine offers expanded coverage of the high-definition Blu-ray Disc format, the next generation in packaged media.

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Warner Archive to Release 'Teen Titans' Blu-ray    21 Dec, 2017

News By: John Latchem

The Warner Archive Collection will release the animated 'Teen Titans: The Complete First Season'...More>>

2017 Year in Review    18 Dec, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

A month-by-month look at the events that shaped home entertainment in 2017.More>>

Hollywood Innovates    18 Dec, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel, Stephanie Prange

As technology advances, new platforms, formats and distribution channels continue to proliferate....More>>

Nokia's Innovation Agenda    18 Dec, 2017

News By: Thomas K. Arnold

With the Consumer Electronics Show playing in Las Vegas, Finnish networking company Nokia —...More>>

Parks: Simplified User Experience Key to Energizing Smart-TV, Streaming Media Device Sales    6 Dec, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

With sales of smart-TVs and streaming media players apparently softening, consumer electronics...More>>

Paramount Unveils 'Transformers' AR Experience for iOS     21 Nov, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Paramount Home Media Distribution Nov. 21 unveiled a free augmented reality app for iOS users to...More>>

Top 50 Movers & Shakers of Home Entertainment — 2017    20 Nov, 2017

'Home Media Magazine' looks at 50 of the home entertainment industry’s most influential people of...More>>

Report: Distribution Channels Not Matching 4K Content Availability    14 Nov, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

A dearth of distribution channels for 4K content continues to be a challenge for the...More>>

MGM Studios Q3 Home Entertainment Revenue Declines     14 Nov, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

MGM Studios Nov. 14 reported third-quarter (ended Sept. 30) worldwide home entertainment movie...More>>

Comcast Launching Xfinity TV App on Sony Smart TVs     14 Nov, 2017

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Comcast and Sony Nov. 14 announced that Xfinity TV subscribers will soon be able to access cable...More>>