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No Money Down (DVD Review)

19 Mar, 2006 By: John Latchem

No Money Down

Prebook 3/20/06; Street 4/18/06
$19.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Josh Lucas, Jeffrey Beuhl, Al Franken, Roy Scheider, Teri Garr, Ally Sheedy.

No Money Down is funniest in the first scene, when Eric (Lucas) is fired by his boss (Bob Balaban). After that, it gets bogged down in a complicated plot of Eric helping his friend Ziggy in a real estate scheme. Ziggy wants to reclaim a summer home his stepmother inherited from his late father.

It leads to a comedy of errors as Eric unknowingly begins a fling with the wife of his former boss, who in turn is chasing the real estate agent in charge of selling the summer home.

Along the way, look for appearances by Franken, Garr, Sheedy and Scheider. There's also a nice bit about the Peace Corps, featuring a cameo from ESPN's Dan Patrick, who provides commentary for a pickup basketball game between Ziggy and the undefeated premier of Cameroon.

Selling Points: Fans of Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama, Stealth) may be curious about this early role from 1997, and the cast includes a lot of well-known names for such a low-budget effort.

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