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1 Minute Workout: Total Body Toning (DVD Review)

1 Mar, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Total Body Toning

Street 3/21/06
Sony BMG
$19.98 DVD

Not rated.

This is the ultimate in interactive workouts, perfect for anyone looking to mix up their strength training.

The unique DVD first asks viewers to pick the part of the body they want to focus on, then asks them to select one of two intensity levels and one of a dozen lengths, ranging from four minutes to 72 minutes.

The DVD then randomly shuffles its 100 one-minute segments to organize a series of exercises that fit in to those choices.

Instructor Mina Lessig starts off each one-minute training segment by announcing the name of the exercise and walks exercisers through the movement, focusing on proper form and offering plenty of encouragement.

It's surprising to discover that even each one-minute part really makes you work hard. Add enough of them together, and you've got an effective strength-training segment to add to an overall fitness routine. The disc also offers a warm-up segment before each routine.

Variety is so important for an exercise regime to be effective and show results. That's a hard thing to achieve in home workouts, but this disc's unique setup is such that viewers might never do the exact same workout twice.

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