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Survey: U.S Consumers Watch More TV Shows on VOD Than Movies

10 Jun, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

U.S. respondents less irritated by video ads on portable devices than those in Canada and the United Kingdom

More than 80% of viewers surveyed in the United States prefer watching repurposed TV shows on demand than movies. And they don’t mind watching video ads to do so, according to a new study released by QuickPlay Media.

The report found that Canadians use VOD to watch TV shows and movies with equal frequency, while viewers in the United Kingdom prefer VOD to watch TV shows (91%) much more often than movies (60%).

Interestingly, respondents in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom still prefer watching TV shows during their initial broadcast (especially in the U.K.), while all would opt for VOD to watch a movie — including nearly 50% in the United States.

More than eight in 10 respondents across all three regions prefer watching sporting events and news live — underscoring the power of sports rights fees.

The survey was conducted online May 14 to May 17 among 631 American, 619 Canadian and 612 U.K. randomly selected adults ages 18 to 60 who watch live TV or VOD using either a smart TV or connected TV, a desktop computer, a laptop computer or netbook, a tablet computer, a smartphone, a subscription-based set top box, a games console or a streaming media device.

U.S. viewers ranked higher such factors as “availability on more devices” and “more live TV broadcasting for a mobile device,” compared with U.K. and Canada respondents. The latter appear to be more cost focused and show a higher level of interest for a reduced level of advertising, compared with U.S. and U.K. respondents. Viewers in the U.K. are less likely than their North American counterparts to increase their device use due to content improvement.

Meanwhile, U.S. viewers are less likely to get irritated when it comes to seeing the video ads: more than 60% do not mind interruptions. The opposite holds true for Canada, where 60% are irritated by the ads. Britons are divided almost equally amongst both groups.

U.S. and Canadian respondents prefer less than two ad spots before and after a VOD program, while opting for less than one spot ad during a program. The Britons don’t mind more than two ads before and after programming, while limited spot ads to less than two during a program.

Americans are the most willing to pay extra in order to skip ads (21% versus 13% in Canada, 15% in the U.K.). U.S. respondents are more likely to pay for ad-free access versus paying to skip ads.

“Consumers are looking for more content. Service providers must factor in not only the right content but also ensure they have the right service platform to deliver HD quality multiscreen packages without compromising on quality of experience,” Wayne Purboo, CEO of QuickPlay Media, said in a statement.

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