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NPD: TV Still the Preferred Choice to Watch Video

27 Jun, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Consumers like watching video on big-screen, high-definition TVs, despite surge in viewing on tablets and smartphones

More than 70% of consumers in an international survey said they have watched video content on devices other than the television, according to new data from NPD DisplaySearch.

Use of tablets, such as the iPad and Android-based devices, for watching TV and video content more than doubled in 14 regional markets throughout the world — driven in part by improved connectivity infrastructure and availability of content. The findings are based on nationally representative samples of more than 14,000 TV owners.

The trend underscores the rationale behind Google’s expected launch June 27 of a tablet computer. Microsoft last week announced it would bow a tablet later this year.

Tablet use for video consumption in the U.S. topped 10%, up from less than 4% in 2011. China dominates the market for tablet video consumption at nearly 35% compared with slightly more than 20% last year. In emerging markets like China, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey, consumers said they viewed content on mobile devices such as smartphones due to the relatively high penetration of wireless networks.

Despite the surge in tablets and alternate smart devices, fewer TVs have been replaced in 2012 than in 2011 as consumers express a preference for improved picture quality, larger size and HD performance, all of which are fulfilled with the television. Increasing availability of TVs in a range of screen sizes and declining prices meet consumer needs and preferences globally, according to NPD. LCD continues to dominate global markets as the flat-panel technology of choice.

“While the trends vary by region, it is evident that consumers around the globe are watching more video and TV content with their portable electronic devices as these provide additional means of accessing content,” said Riddhi Patel, research director of consumer insights for NPD DisplaySearch. “Despite this increase, however, TVs still remain the primary device of choice for viewing TV content, with 30% of consumers reporting that they view TV and video content on TVs alone.”

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