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Report: U.S. Drops to 4th Place in Illegal P2P File Sharing

12 May, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Fewer copyright infringements are taking place via peer-to-peer file sharing in the United States, dropping it to fourth place in terms of illegal P2P file sharing worldwide, according to a new report from antipiracy company BayTSP.

The report — “Online Trends & Insights – 2008” — found huge surges in illegal file sharing in Spain, Italy and France, with BitTorrent leading the way as the most popular file-sharing application for protected content. BayTSP put together the report using data from its clients, including studios, sports franchises, software companies, record labels, videogame publishers and pay-per-view broadcasters.

“BitTorrent and eDonkey are optimized for large file distribution and, despite the growing popularity of streaming video, are still where the majority of copyright infringement takes place,” said BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa. “The U.S., which topped the list of countries with the most infringements in 2007, dropped to No. 4.”

Comcast, Road Runner (Time Warner Cable) and AT&T each had more than 1 million infringements on their services, while all of the top 10 international Internet service providers had more than 2 million infringements each.

The California-based company says it identifies more than 16 million online copyright infringements each day, and sends out more than 1 million “takedown” notices for its clients each month.

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