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‘District 9,’ ‘God of War III’ Demo Together on Blu-ray

28 Oct, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) will release the first movie and game demo hybrid Blu-ray Disc with the Dec. 29 release of District 9. The Blu-ray will include a playable demo of the PlayStation 3 game God of War III, which comes out in 2010.

“The combination of District 9 and the game demo of God of War III is an unprecedented home entertainment offering,” said Lexine Wong, senior EVP of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “We are thrilled to give consumers not only an incredible high-definition presentation of District 9 and the wealth of bonus material about the movie, but also a taste of what is destined to be the biggest video game of 2010. This pairing of the movie and game demo is just another example of what is possible with the Blu-ray format.”

The combination would seem perfectly suited for the PS3, which in addition to being a video game console is the leading Blu-ray playing device. The District 9 Blu-ray will be available at $39.95. A single-disc DVD ($28.96) and two-disc DVD version ($36.95) will be available the same day, sans the God of War III demo.

“Blu-ray functionality has long been a differentiator that separates the PS3 from other home entertainment systems,” said Peter Dille, SVP of marketing and PlayStation Network for SCEA. “Through this collaboration with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, we’re able to create a unique experience only available on the PS3 system that blends two of the most popular entertainment options available, watching District 9 and playing God of War III off the same disc.”

The “God of War” game franchise has sold more than 8.7 million units.

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