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Study: LoveFilm Tops Netflix in U.K. for Title Count

18 Jan, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Netflix may offer more TV shows, but LoveFilm offers more movies to U.K. subscribers.

That’s according to a database compilation by Oric, a British website that helps consumers find legal places to watch TV online.

Netflix offers more than 100 more TV shows than the Amazon-owned subscription video-on-demand service (412 vs. 300). However, for films LoveFilm has nearly double that of Netflix (3,284 vs. 1,668).

“What we found particularly surprising is the small quantity of content on both of the services (especially when compared with the U.S. Netflix Instant service) and also the low proportion of content that is available on both services,” Oric representatives stated in a blog post. “While Netflix U.S. has 9,153 films and 4,989 TV seasons available to stream, Netflix U.K. has just 1,668 films and 925 TV seasons. And Netflix costs slightly less in the U.S. than in the U.K.”

By comparison, LoveFilm has a larger number of films and a smaller number of TV seasons, 589, according to Oric’s U.K. count.

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