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Netflix: Google Fiber Got Faster

9 Apr, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Google Fiber once again topped Netflix’s monthly list as the fastest Internet Service Provider in the country in March, delivering an average speed of 3.45 Mbps — up significantly from 2.55 Mbps in December.

The search giant’s fiber optic network — which is expected to launch service shortly in Austin, Texas following initial rollout in Kansas City — again bested Sweden’s Ownit with an average Netflix bitrate at 2.95 Mbps. In the U.S., Cox Communications entered the top three ISPs with 2.25 Mbps, bumping Suddenlink one position at 2.23 Mbps. Cablevision’s Optimum remained the second fast ISP at 2.39 Mbps.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is based on data from the more than 33 million Netflix members who view over 1 billion hours of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix per month. The speeds reflect the average performance of all Netflix streams on each ISP's network and are an indicator of the performance typically experienced across all users on an ISP network.

In Netflix’s foreign territories, Norwegian ISP Get took the lead after two months of bitrate increases. In Ireland, Magnet solidified its lead with an increased average while runner up UPC saw a lower average.

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