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Study: Smart TV Owners Watching More Online Video

18 Jul, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

Three quarters of connected TV owners are using them to watch online video, according to a new report from Parks Associates.

That figure is up 30% over six months.

“The percentage of smart-TV owners connecting the device to the Internet has steadily increased, from approximately 40% in 2010 to 56% today,” said Pietro Macchiarella, research analyst for Parks Associates. “This device, when connected, offers a toehold to a variety of players, including broadcasters, over-the-top video providers and pay-TV providers.”

In 2008 the number of Internet-capable TVs shipped was less than 1%. Today that number is nearly 50%. The report showed that 71% of owners are watching online TV shows at least once a month, compared with 51% in 2011. On a daily basis, 30% are watching movies, and 32% are watching TV shows.

“Smart TVs have the potential to be both a threat and an opportunity for pay-TV providers,” said Brett Sappington, director of research for Parks Associates. “Smart TVs provide consumers another way to access over-the-top services like Netflix on the TV, providing a new distribution channel that all players can leverage to deliver content to consumers.”

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