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Digiboo to Begin Rollout of Digital Movie Kiosks

16 Aug, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

New funding from Norby Corp. ups launch of kiosks capable of downloading movies to USB 3.0 flash drives in 30 seconds

Digiboo Aug. 16 said it has received funding enabling it to begin a rollout of kiosks in airports nationwide capable of downloading standard definition movies to USB 3.0 flash drives for rent or purchase in less than a minute.

The movies can be watched on a PC, laptop or other portable or in-home consumer electronics device.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Digiboo, which launched in 2008 by former MGM Home Entertainment executives Richard Cohen, Jeff Karbowiak and Blake Thomas, said the kiosks can accomodate about 1,000 movie files.

Digiboo said it received several millions in funding from Los Angeles-based venture capital group Norby Corp., which will have an equity stake in the privately held kiosk service.

Initial funding came from actor Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment.

“This new funding means we can move significantly more rapidly with our rollout of kiosks in key airport locations nationwide,” CEO Cohen said in a statement.

The company plans to install 7,000 kiosks, which are made by Japanese-based PFU Limited, nationwide during the next three years.

A spokesperson said Digiboo is in talks with the major studios regarding license agreements — a prerequisite to offering new releases on or near street date.

Rollout of the Digiboo kiosks, which was first announced in February, also represent another challenge to Redbox’s long-awaited (and yet unfulfilled) digital strategy aimed at melding its base of 30,000 disc kiosks with an online streaming function.




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