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DTS Unveils New Audio Technologies

8 Apr, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Audio technology company DTS April 8 unveiled a new audio solution that allows media services to offer adaptive bit-rate audio streaming from a single encode.

DTS-HD Layered Audio allows for easier deliver of adaptive streaming to any screen and any device from just one source, DTS said, eliminating the need for multiple encodes of the same audio tracks and reducing digital storage costs.

“We designed our Layered Audio technology with bandwidth limitations, server resource efficiency and consumer enjoyment in mind,” said Mark Johnson, VP of streaming and media solutions for DTS. “Our goal at DTS is to deliver the best quality, immersive audio experience possible. DTS-HD Layered Audio helps enable this under some of the most challenging broadband conditions in a manner that is both efficient and cost effective, and it fully works with our suite of existing DTS-HD encoders and decoders.”

DTS also announced it has created, in conjunction with audio post production company Fairlight, a new 3D audio production platform.

3DAW supports the Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA) format, and allows sound designers to “mix object-based audio in unrestricted 3D space.” SDAW also supports DTS Neo:X, which allows for the mixing of soundtracks to support 11.1 speaker systems.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Fairlight on enabling their all new 3DAW workstations with MDA format support,” said Fred Kitson, CTO at DTS. “The industry has been clamoring for an open platform for the creation of object-based audio to end the format wars, and MDA was created specifically to address this.”

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