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‘Resident Evil: Damnation’ Director Hopes Franchise Continues

15 Jul, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

'Resident Evil: Damnation'

SAN DIEGO — Makoto Kamiya, director of the latest CGI animated installment of the “Resident Evil” franchise, has a request for gaming company Capcom and Sony Pictures: Don’t stop now.

“As of today there are no plans at all [for another CGI animated film],” he said through an interpreter, speaking at Comic-Con. “But if fans love Damnation and it becomes a commercial success, I’m sure Capcom and Sony will say, ‘Let’s do another film.’ And if they reach that decision and come to me and ask me to direct another one, I’d be more than delighted. I’d like to work on the third one, even the fourth one, fifth one.

“I hope that day comes.”

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases Resident Evil: Damnation on DVD and Blu-ray Disc with UltraViolet Sept. 25. Bonuses include bloopers, an art gallery and featurettes. And because the film was produced in 3D, Kamiya is hoping a 3D Blu-ray release will come out one day as well.

The film follows where we left off in Resident Evil: Degeneration (also directed by Kamiya), with special agent Leon Kennedy investigating nightmarish biological warfare in an Eastern European country.

The live-action "Resident Evil” films are a divergent universe compared to the story told in the games, and Kamiya sticks close to the stories and figures in the games for the CGI animated films.

“The look is similar, the characters and the creatures,” he said. “And every time we have a question, 'Can we do this? Can we do that?,' we consult Capcom for their advice. We try to stick to the video game universe.”

For Damnation, Kamiya took a different tact with Leon, the hero from the games and Regeneration. Here he’s less calm and collected, less of a Superman character and more like the Leon from the video games.

“After we finished Degeneration, I actually spent some time watching it again from a very objective point of view,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘Leon in Degeneration could have been done a little differently.’”

As for the fans at Comic-Con, Kamiya said he was overwhelmed by their response to the trailer and the first seven minutes of the film.

“Fans who come to Comic-Con are the really hardcore fans. They’re really excited and hyped up,” Kamiya said. “For us who created the film, watching them is really exciting.”

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