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comScore: Average YouTube User Watched Five Hours of Video in May

17 Jun, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Appeal of user-generated video isn’t getting old any time soon

comScore June 17 said Google-owned social video website YouTube once again dominated online video consumption in May with more than 147 million unique viewers — more than twice runner-up VEVO with 60.4 million unique viewers.

Facebook, the most popular social networking site, ranked fourth (behind Yahoo) with 48.1 million unique viewers who watched an average of 19.3 minutes of video in the month. Yahoo had 46.5 million unique viewers who watched 74.2 minutes of content on average.

Notably, Hulu.com (not Hulu Plus) ranked 10th with 28.5 million viewers. But those viewers watched a whopping 218 minutes of professionally-produced content each and generated the highest number of video ad impressions at more than 1.3 billion.

YouTube, which has dominated comScore’s monthly online video rankings since its launch, saw its average user watch 311 minutes of largely free user-generated video.

Despite such a large user base, YouTube has struggled to migrate its users to paying members of transactional video-on-demand and a nascent subscription-based streaming service launched in April.

Indeed, Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks and outspoken media observer, infamously blogged recently that YouTube video content was akin to rummaging through the dump bin at Walmart.

“People won’t pay a subscription fee for any of it, and most of it will never pay for itself with advertising because most of it will never be seen,” Cuban wrote in April.

Rounding out the top 10 video sites included Viacom Digital with 46.5 million viewers who watched 74.2 minutes each; Microsoft sites with 46.5 million (42.8 minutes); AOL with 42.2 million (45.7 minutes); Turner Digital with 35.1 million viewers (36.3 minutes); and NBC Universal with 30.6 million viewers who watched 21.1 minutes each.

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