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YouTube Dominates Online Video, But Falters on Ads

12 Apr, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Google Inc.’s YouTube again dominated online video consumption, generating nearly three times the viewers in March of runner-up AOL Inc., according to a new report. But YouTube did not make the ranking when it came to online ads.

Reston, Va.-based data tracking company comScore said YouTube tallied more than 147 million unique viewers watching nearly 2 million viewing sessions and 275.1 minutes per viewer. Those numbers crushed second place AOL with 57 million unique viewers, nearly 285,000 viewing sessions and 39 minutes per viewer.

Others included Yahoo with 56 million unique viewers, 267,000 viewing sessions and 42 minutes per viewer; Microsoft with 53 million unique viewers, 331,000 viewing sessions and 47 minutes per viewer; Vevo with 52.5 million unique viewers, 241,000 viewing sessions and 80 minutes per viewer; Facebook with 48.7 million unique viewers, 186,000 viewing sessions and 19 minutes per viewer; Viacom with 49 million unique viewers, 180,000 viewing sessions and 73 minutes per viewer; Turner Digital with 42 million unique viewers, 154,000 viewing sessions and 37 minutes per viewer; NBC Universal with 31 million unique viewers, 66,000 viewing sessions and 17 minutes per viewer; and Hulu with 27 million unique viewers watching 143,000 viewing sessions at more than 215 minutes per viewer.

Hulu generated the most online ads with nearly 1.3 million, or 520 total ad minutes — 33 ads per viewer reaching more than 43% of the U.S. population. Comparatively, AOL, which trailed YouTube for total visitors, just cracked the Top 10 in video ads with 189,000 ads, 92 minutes total ad minutes — nearly 6 ads per viewer reaching nearly 11% of the population. YouTube did not make the top 10 websites with the most online ads.

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