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‘The Beast’ Passes Through Again

15 May, 2012 By: Angelique Flores

The other day I was listening to a report on about certain Catholic priests in Mexico protecting migrants passing through from Central and South America. They mentioned “La Bestia,” a treacherous cargo train that runs through Mexico to the United States, leaving many dead, maimed or dismembered. 

It immediately reminded me of the 2010 documentary La Bestia (The Beast), which is about that dangerous cargo train. At the time of the DVD’s release, I spoke with filmmaker Pedro Ultreras about his film and his harrowing stories about riding the train himself in order to capture what it truly was like for these migrants who ride La Bestia. It left quite an impression on me to see and hear about what these migrants suffer through just because they want a better life for themselves

Having watched La Bestia and spoken with Pedro really brought this news segment to life for me, and it painted pictures and details in a way that radio cannot. I sat in my car for a few seconds thinking about how wonderful movies can be no just in entertaining us but in educating us and bringing global issues home as well.

Here, Pedro has documented a situation that few, if any, have been able to. And unfortunately, the film is still relevant today.

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