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Jack Ryan's Retail 'Shadow'

10 Jun, 2014 By: John Latchem

Paramount's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit had the widest array of retail exclusives among the June 10 new releases.

Target offered the Blu-ray of the spy thriller with an exclusive bonus disc containing more behind-the-scenes footage, while Walmart offered a Blu-ray two-pack of Ryan with a Blu-ray of the 2003 version of The Italian Job.

Both Target and Best Buy offered the Ryan Blu-ray combo pack at the same price as the DVD edition, $13 at Target, $12.96 at Walmart and $12.99 at Best Buy. Amazon.com followed Best Buy's pricing.

Target also had an exclusive for Showtime's Ray Donovan: Season One, offering the Blu-ray as a combo pack with a DVD version and special box art.

In addition, Target offered exclusive metalpaks for several Fox titles, including the "X-Men" movies, for $8 each.

Walmart had exclusive availability of the animated movie The Great Bear, from Vertical Entertainment, for $12.96.

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