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Shiva Rea: Yoga in Greece (DVD Review)

21 Nov, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

$19.99 DVD
Not rated

World-renowned yogi Shiva Rea has created another revitalizing yoga DVD, this one shot in several locations in Santorini, a Greek volcanic island.

The disc features seven invigorating 20-minute vinyasa flow practices, three meditations (totaling 36 minutes), a 10-minute solar core segment and a 10-minute lunar shavasana.

Like many of Rea’s DVDs, this one also comes with her signature yoga matrix, so users can choose which segments to do and create their own unique practice for the day. The assorted practices, which are for either the morning or evening, offer numerous unique combinations.

Unlike some of Rea’s DVDs, this DVD has no set combined practices. So users must create their own combos, which isn’t hard.

Rea leads in her usual easy-to-follow style against the various gorgeous Santorini backdrops. The flows are more on the intermediate side, but Rea offers some modifications for certain poses for those at a more beginner level.

The DVD also comes with an interview with Rea, who offers information about yoga in general, the practices on this DVD, her upcoming book — Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow With the Pulse of Life — and the unique town of Santorini. Other bonus materials included are a biography of Rea and the Prana Danda Yoga Movement Meditation, which is an approximate 10-minute flowing practice with no verbal instructions.

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