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Warner Presents Online ‘Man of Steel’ Q&A to Tout Blu-ray

14 Nov, 2013 By: John Latchem

Part of Warner Home Video’s promotional efforts leading up to the Nov. 12 Man of Steel Blu-ray release was a special online fan event Nov. 9 hosted by Yahoo! Movies. Director Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams joined host Kevin Smith to discuss the film and answer questions from fans.

“The movie we made is the movie we wanted to make,” Snyder said. “It’s the Superman I wanted to see.”

Snyder said he enjoyed exploring the science-fiction aspects of the Superman mythology.

“It’s a sci-fi movie, it’s an invasion film, and then Superman is kind of in there,” Snyder said. “And we really wanted to do that. At its core, Superman’s an alien, comes from an alien world, and it’s a thing that had kind of been touched on, but it’s not the first thing that jumps out when you say, ‘what do you think of Superman?’”

Smith in particular praised the opening 20-minute sequence set on Krypton, saying it reminded him of a 1970s rock album cover. Snyder admitted the look of Krypton was inspired by Heavy Metal magazine, known for its edgy imagery and sexually charged content.

“By accident my mom got me Heavy Metal instead of comic books when I was young, and I was just reading this thing thinking this was the most awesome thing ever,” Snyder said. “And then when I got introduced to normal comic books, I was just like, ‘when are they going to have sex with each other?’” But you can see my aesthetic is kind of shaped that way.”

Cavill recalled meeting his Man of Steel father, Russell Crowe, on the set of the 2000 film Proof of Life, and expressing his interest in pursuing acting as a career.

"The next day I received a personalized autograph from him saying 'Dear Henry — A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,'" Cavill said. "And then we worked together on Man of Steel, and he remembered me. He was at the beginning and at the end of my journey."

Adams said she became a fan of Superman as a kid watching Superman II at a slumber party, and began using foil as bedsheets for her Barbie doll as a result of seeing the silver sheets in the film. Man of Steel was not her first foray into the world of Superman, having guest starred on “Smallville,” but Adams said she was excited to step into the role of Lois Lane, having sought the role for earlier Superman projects.

She said working with Snyder made it easy to find the character.

“It’s a very inclusive process, so he’s working through the characters, giving them layers and texture, so I never felt lost in the special effects or lost in the green-screen arena we were in,” Adams said.

Smith urged fans to pick up the Blu-ray, saying it was packed with interesting extras.

“The modern-day film school is a very thick Blu-ray,” Smith said. “Most [people] learn so much about filmmaking just by watching behind the scenes of filmmakers like [Zack]. When you watch the Blu-ray you actually see how things are done, demystifying the process. Because you watch a movie and you’re like, ‘I can never do something like that,’ then they show you behind the scenes and you see [them] rolling around with one camera shooting this massive epic and suddenly it demystifies it and gets other people going, ‘Maybe I can try this one day.’”

Snyder also looked ahead to the Superman vs. Batman movie set for 2015, with Ben Affleck as Batman.

“Whether they’re fighting or they become friends, that’s the fun of making movies and playing with this mythology taking these icons and seeing how emotionally they fit together,” Snyder said. “I think that’s the most important thing, and the fun thing, and of course there’ll be some physical conflicts as well.”

Snyder introduced special Batman vs. Superman art fans can purchase at www.ebay.com/wecanbeheroes, with proceeds going to We Can Be Heroes, a charity created by DC Entertainment to fight hunger in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

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