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Disinformation Rebrands Into TDC Entertainment

28 Jan, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Independent distributor The Disinformation Company is rebranding into TDC Entertainment, with industry veteran Dan Gurlitz serving as president, reporting to CEO Gary Baddeley.

“As depicted in the Disinformation film 2012: Science or Superstition, the end of the Mayan calendar wasn’t really about the end of the world — it was about a new beginning,” Baddeley said. “2013 is our new beginning and Dan has already begun working with me to transform our business with not one but three label imprints to accommodate a wider variety of filmed entertainment.”

The three labels under TDC Entertainment include the company’s signature Disinformation brand, the health and environmental wellness True Mind brand and the company’s newest label, Shelter Island.

The True Mind brand has Shaman, Healer Sage slated for a March 12 release; Shelter Island has the documentary Into the Cold slated for an April 9 release; and Disinformation has We Are Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution ready for release April 9.

“The TDC release schedule is so diverse and exciting, that the waters ahead promise wonderful sailing,” Gurlitz said. “I could not be more eager to rev the engines on a ship that has such a long and illustrious history.”

TDC Entertainment is based in New York City.

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