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Study Examines Social Media TV Interaction

13 Apr, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

A new study from Nielsen’s Council for Research Excellence (CRE) finds that 19% of online Americans ages 15-54 are exposed to social media discussing primetime TV at least once a day, and during 7.3% of primetime TV viewing instances the viewer is engaging with social media specifically about that show.

During 11.4% of primetime TV viewing occasions viewers reported using Facebook, compared with 3.3% for Twitter. Nearly 4% reported used Facebook to discuss the specific show they were watching, compared with 1.8% for Twitter.

“A key question we sought to address is how social media usage relates to new viewing platforms and behaviors — for example tablet usage or binge viewing,” said Beth Rockwood, SVP of market resources for Discovery Communications and chairwoman of the CRE’s Social Media Committee. “The majority of viewing remains live and on traditional TV sets, but we do see that social media use has a stronger relationship with the newer platforms and behaviors. This is evidence that social media is an important part of the new ways that people are consuming television content.”

Socially connected second screen viewing is mostly done via a channel app or Web site, the study found, with tablets and smartphones leading the way in terms of devices used.

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