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Netflix Audience Older, Wealthier and Male

11 Oct, 2017 By: Erik Gruenwedel

The average Netflix viewer is a male parent with above-average income, according to new data from CivicScience.com. The online research group said 50% of Netflix viewers are adults (18+) compared with 39% in 2015 — the last time it analyzed the SVOD pioneer’s users.

With more than 52 million domestic subscribers, 29% of Netflix viewers stream a few times per week, compared with 23% once a week two years ago.

In CivicScience’s “DeepProfile” report, which details Netflix’s demographic and psychographic changes between the current user base, the user base in 2015, and the general U.S. population, 48% of Netflix viewers are parents, compared with 32% in the previous study.

“That’s an addition of several million new Netflix junkies in a fairly short amount of time,” said CivicScience CEO John Dick.

Not surprisingly, Netflix viewers are more influenced by social media, with the Internet also affecting food, clothing, consumer electronics and general purchases.

The average Netflix viewer interacts with social media for 115 minutes per day, compared with 99 minutes in 2015. The general population uses social media 100 minutes per day.

The report also found the percentage of survey respondents who plan to watch Netflix for the first time increased to 8% from 7%. This demo included increasingly older (55+) respondents.

“There’s no sign in our data that Netflix’s user growth is going to slow down anytime soon. We’re tracking these population shifts every day … I wouldn’t be surprised to see Netflix [viewers] look more and more like the full U.S. population over the next two years,” Dick said.

Netflix reports third quarter results (ended Sept. 30) Oct. 16.

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