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Nora’s Will (Blu-ray Review)

15 Oct, 2011 By: Angelique Flores

Street 10/18/11
Passion River
$29.95 DVD
Not rated.
In Spanish with English subtitles.
Stars Fernando Luján.

What some cannot achieve in life, they hope to achieve after death. Such is the case with Nora in Nora’s Will.

Sixty-three year-old Nora is plagued by depression and, after many attempts, finally succeeds in killing herself. Her ex-husband, grumpy José, finds her body as well as everything she has left behind to ensure her family is together and well fed for Passover dinner.

She timed her death so that her body cannot be buried for four days, according to Jewish laws. She makes a full pot of coffee, leaves a fridge full of sticky notes with cooking instructions, and invites close family and friends over, while her cold body lies in the bedroom.

With nothing good to say about Nora, José is none too pleased with her plan and mixes up her notes and hides her letters. His anger doubles when he stumbles across a photo of her with another man during the time they were still married. Much of his ire is directed at the man her son’s rabbi sent to pray over her body until she can buried. José himself was raised Catholic, though now he doesn’t believe in God at all.

More trouble arrives when the rabbi learns Nora’s death was a suicide, which throws another wrench in her burial.

Despite the sad undertones of death looming throughout the film, Nora’s Will is rich with life, from the engrossing story to the talented cast. Don’t expect a Hollywood drama here, but rather a slower-paced arthouse film more interested in the portraits of the characters and less with the dramatic climax.

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