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Suge Knight Will Release Jennifer Lopez Tape This Summer

15 May, 2001 By: Hive News

A Death Row Records lawyer has written a letter toJennifer Lopez's attorney in an attempt to clear up the content on the Lopez video that Death Row intends to release this summer:

"My client is currently producing a videotape entitled J.Lo Uncut: Tha Real Story, writes Death Row attorney Jeffrey Lowy. But he added that Knight "does not possess a so-called 'sex tape' involving Ms. Lopez and an ex-boyfriend."

"There's no sex video, there never has been," Lopez's publicist Alan Nierob told E! Online. "We've said all along that we highly doubted it. If it were the case, it would've been non-consensual, withouther knowledge and a complete invasion of privacy."

Nierob said his 30-year-old client had no choice but to take legal action. "We called them and we couldn't get an answer, so you've got to protect your client," he added. "She doesn't know of any tape that exists, but what if there was a tape done without her knowledge?"

The gossip tornado first began swirling Wednesday, when the Star supermarket tabloid published a story quoting an unnamed Suge Knight Films executive, who claimed "There is such a video, and it is definitely Jennifer Lopez."

The Star's source claimed the tape featured Lopez making love to a "long-time-ago" boyfriend in the early 1990s. The ex-boyfriend was said to have sold the video to Knight, who planned to sell it on the Internet this summer.

Knight is currently in Sacramento County Jail, awaiting transfer to a federal facility after completing a five-year stint in state prison for an assault-related probation violation. The 310-pound rap impresario has long been a fierce rival of Lopez's ex-boyfriend, Sean "Puffy" Combs.

In addition to quashing the sex-video rumors Friday, Death Row lawyer Jeffrey Lowy insisted that his client did not leak the original story to Star magazine.

Nierob said that, because of Death Row's admission, Lopez's lawsuit will be dropped. "It's sort of amoot point because if there's is no tape, and they've gone on the record, it doesn't go further," he said.

Knight, c.e.o. of Death Row Records, scored a victory in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday when a judge ruled against issuing a temporary restraining order that would have barred him from marketing and releasing a new movie, J. Lo Uncut:Tha Real Story.

J. Lo Uncut: Tha RealStory is scheduled for a mid-summer release through Knight's Suge Knight Films.

Lopez is the star of the new movie Angel Eyes, which arrives in theaters on May 18.

In addition, the actress-singer has inked a deal with NBC to develop a sitcom based on her experience growing up in a Puerto Rican household with two sisters in the Bronx. Lopez will also star and produce a musical for the network that will air this fall.

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