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EPA Touts Sony DADC For Buying Green Energy

15 Apr, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Replication giant Sony DADC earned kudos from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) April 15 for its green energy ways.

Sony DADC said it is buying more than 83 million kilowatt-hours of green power each year, or 44% of the total power the company uses annually. Green power is electricity coming from wind, solar, biogas, geothermal or other environmentally safe generators.

“The purchase of renewable energy is one of many critical initiatives we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Michael Frey, president of Sony DADC Americas. “Purchasing green power helps our organization become more sustainable, while also sending a message to others across the U.S. that supporting clean sources of electricity is a sound business decision and an important choice in reducing climate risk.”

The EPA estimates that Sony DADC’s efforts help eliminate the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 10,000 vehicles, or the amount of electricity used by more than 8,000 American homes in one year.

“America is shifting to a ‘green culture,’ with more and more businesses taking important steps to combat climate change,” said Kathleen Hogan, director of the Climate Protection Partnerships Division at the EPA. “EPA commends Sony DADC for making a long-term commitment to protecting the environment by purchasing green power.”

Sony DADC has stated before that it intends to reduce its total carbon dioxide emissions by 7% by the year 2010.

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