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'Ballet Shoes' in Theaters Week Before DVD Release

24 Jul, 2008 By: Carrie Widder

Koch Vision is releasing Ballet Shoes in a limited theatrical showing one week before the film streets on DVD.

The distributor will feature the film in 171 theaters in 77 markets across 35 states, starting Aug. 26. Koch Vision's strategy to release the film theatrically close to the street date is designed to increase consumer awareness and demand for the DVD.

Koch releases the film on DVD Sept. 2 for $24.98.

Ballet Shoes stars Emma Watson as one of three orphans who were adopted and raised as sisters. They vow to put their names in history books as an actor, an aviator and a dancer. The DVD includes bonus features and an on-camera interview with Watson.

In addition to a theatrical run, the film will get a further marketing push at theaters and bookstores.

All participating theater chains within a 20-mile radius of the showcasing theaters will begin playing the film's trailer Aug. 1 and will feature the theatrical poster beginning Aug. 4.

Random House, publisher of the acclaimed book Ballet Shoes will have floor displays for the “Shoe Books,” featuring key art for the DVD as its header card to bookstores everywhere.

The Dove Foundation has evaluated the ‘PG'-rated film as “Family Approved.”

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