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How to Watch a DVD in Windows 8

19 Mar, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

If you bought a new computer with Windows 8 software, chances are you can’t play DVD movies even if the unit has a disc drive.

When Microsoft rolled out the new software last year, notably missing was a default option to play DVD movies.

The software behemoth cited declining disc sales and waning Blu-ray drives on PCs for the decision not to continue paying third-party license fees for packaged media functionality.

While Microsoft offers DVD playback as a $10 upgrade on Windows 8 Pro or $100 Windows Pro Pack for a disc compatible media player just for Windows 8, there also exists an open source option that doesn’t coast anything.

VideoLAN’s VLC Media Player can be downloaded without charge (the service does accept donations) for DVD playback, as reported by New York Times’ personal technology blog, Gadgetwise.


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