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Meeting Spencer (Blu-ray Review)

10 Mar, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Kino Lorber
$29.95 DVD, $34.95 Blu-ray
Rated ‘R’ for some language.
Stars Jeffrey Tambor, Melinda McGraw, Jesse Plemons.

After a less-than-spectacular stint in Hollywood, high-profile director Harris Chappell (Jeffrey Tambor) returns to New York City with the hopes of resurrecting his career on Broadway. And it seems as though the whole city is watching.

One whirlwind evening at Frankie & Johnnie’s steakhouse, Harris and his salacious former flame, Didi (Melinda McGraw), meet to discuss an investor for his latest project, The Life and Times of Jackson Sweetwater, as well as the potential cast. Didi’s latest boy toy, Emerson Todd (Julian Bailey), is said to be a wealthy Internet mogul whom she hopes will drop some serious dough on the production. At the same time, Harris promised an old friend that he’d meet with his struggling actor son. Wide-eyed and green, Spencer West (nicely played by Jesse Plemons) is like the kid sitting at the grown-up table, meeting a virtual who’s who of industry heavyweights as the night progresses.

And it just so happens that a nosy, brash reporter, Nikki Ross (Jill Marie Jones), is at the restaurant’s bar, trying to get the scoop on Harris for her column, and isn’t too proud to beg for details. Soon the restaurant becomes a revolving door of abrasive personalities, vying to be a part of the coveted project or at least get in the know about Harris’ latest.

Important plans fall through, and new, better opportunities arise simultaneously throughout the evening. As crazy as it may sound, somehow, the madcap evening ends on a high note.

Meeting Spencer is an interesting comedy in that the majority of the film takes place within the walls of Frankie & Johnnie’s. The ridiculous, nerve-wracking situations that unfold, in addition to the hilarious ensemble cast, are well worth it.

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