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Growing the Big One (DVD Review)

23 Sep, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Prebook 9/28/10; Street 10/26/10
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Shannen Doherty, Kavan Smith.

Pumpkins, people. They’re talking about pumpkins here, when it comes to growing the big one.

City girl and radio show host Emma (played a little stiffly by Shannen Doherty) has inherited her grandfather’s farm, along with his $75,000 of debt. To raise the money to pay the debt, she enters a pumpkin-growing contest, using her grandfather’s award-winning seeds.

Her handsome and quite charming neighbor Seth, a mechanic looking for startup money to open a new shop, wants to go in with Emma to grow the pumpkins and share the winnings. Even though she knows nothing about farming, Emma is hesitant to team up with Seth. She regards him as an annoying bumpkin.

After losing a poker bet, she’s forced to partner with Seth. As the two work together, they also realize they have more in common than they at first think. And Emma realizes that maybe she’s not so attached to living in the city as she thought.

This romantic comedy comes with no surprise ending. Of course, they win the contest, and, of course, they end up together. But this made-for-TV Hallmark movie is wholesome, sweet and refreshing. It’s safe for the family and a nice alternative with it’s pumpkin theme to all the slasher gore out there in time for Halloween.

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