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Merrithew Marks Its Silver Anniversary

30 Jan, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

The company behind Stott Pilates is observing the milestone with three new DVDs and a world tour

Merrithew Health & Fitness (MH&F) is celebrating 25 years in the fitness industry. In honor of the occasion the company is releasing three new DVDs in March and launching the Merrithew Mindful Movement World Tour in April.

Stott Pilates: Basic Pilates Vol. 2, Core: Power & Stamina — Medicine Ball Interval Training Vol. 2 and Zenga Flow street March 12 for $15.95 each. They will be distributed by Alliance Entertainment Corp.

“In addition to releasing new DVDs, we will visit a number of key international cities in 2013,” said Lindsay G. Merrithew, executive producer of the DVDs and president and CEO of the company.

The tour kicks off April 12 in Cologne, Germany, and hits 10 countries, with major cities including London; Los Angeles; New York City; São Paulo, Brazil; and Shanghai, China.

“We’re bringing awareness of the whole Merrithew Brand around the world,” said Moira Merrithew, co-founder of MH&F and instructor. “It’s fun to visit a lot of these people who have been on this journey a long time just to thank them.”

MH&F has trained more than 35,000 instructors in more than 118 countries in Stott Pilates alone during the past 25 years. And they hope to grow that number with this upcoming tour. Each stop will feature a three-day symposium, with a team of instructor trainers who will present seminars and workshops featuring new Stott Pilates, Zenga and Core brand programming.

That new programming is also what is featured on the new DVDs.

Stott Pilates: Basic Pilates Vol. 2 follows up the best-selling Basic Pilates Vol. 1 and is led by Moira Merrithew. This beginner workout is a 30-minute routine aimed at improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Stott Pilates is the Canadian-based company’s contemporary approach to Pilates that encompasses five basic principles of breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement.

Core: Power & Stamina — Medicine Ball Interval Training Vol. 2 is an advanced 31-minute workout that uses a medicine ball to increase endurance and agility while building strength. The Core brand offers athletic conditioning and performance training.

Zenga Flow is a 36-minute beginner- to intermediate-level program that aims to improve balance and core strength, while instilling a sense of calm. It can also boost flexibility, increase circulation and stimulate the central nervous system. The Zenga brand explores mindful movement and fuses yoga and dance.

MH&F has more than 155 titles, with beginner, intermediate and advanced programs in each of its three brands with some specialty tracks such as pre- and post-natal programming, athletic conditioning and armchair Pilates, said Beth Gibbs-Bartel, VP of sales and marketing, retail, for MH&F.

“One of our top-three titles was Basic Pilates Vol. 1,” Gibbs-Bartel said. “That’s why Vol. 2 is coming out.”

Other top sellers are The Secret to Flat Abs, which spawned a “Secret to …” series and mat-based titles, said Gibbs-Bartel.

Well recognized as trainers to professionals, they are now hoping to raise their profile among consumers as well — and DVDs are one of the tools they use.

Moira Merrithew explains that their DVDs, with their clarity of instruction, have a dual purpose of educating fitness instructors as well as being a program for consumers.

“[For consumers], they’re easy to follow, and [for instructors] they show you how you would talk to a client,” Moira Merrithew said.

Additionally, MH&F fitness programs keep up with the latest in fitness and biomechanics, which is used to update their programming for the safest and most effective techniques.

“We make sure [our programming] gets the most up-to-date information with the latest research behind it,” Moira Merrithew said. “It is constantly evolving.”

And it’s that constant change and desire to get current information out there that keeps the Merrithews going.
“We’ve never got bored over the last 25 years,” Moira Merrithew said.

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