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Veritas: Prince of Truth (DVD Review)

4 Aug, 2009 By: Eui-jo Marquez


Street 8/11/09
$19.99 DVD
Rated ‘PG’ for fantasy action and some mild suggestive content.
Stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Kate Walsh, Bret Loehr.

While the CGI effects in Veritas: Prince of Truth aren’t as fancy as Transformers and the acting isn’t going to win an Academy Award, it has something truly important — a lesson about courage, truth, hope and friendship.

When a comic book distributor decides truth doesn’t sell as well as death and destruction and cancels the series “Veritas: Prince of Truth,” young Kern Williams (Bret Loehr) is distraught. But then Veritas flies from the comic into Kern’s world and asks for help.

Through a successful mixture of CGI and live action, Veritas (Sean Patrick Flanery of “Young Indiana Jones” in a bad wig and an orange tan) acclimates to the real world, finds his creator and battles the evil Nemesii, played by a silent but sexy Kate Walsh (“Grey’s Anatomy”).

Flanery is funny as Veritas, who is a little clumsier in the real world. He doesn’t understand his new human bodily functions, and he acts like he has a mild case of Tourette’s.

The amusing Danny Strong (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Gilmore Girls”) makes an appearance halfway through, adding to Flanery’s physical comedy.

Preteen boys will love this movie for its burping jokes, comic book stills, punk rock music, pretty girls and skateboarding. And they won’t notice if the actors aren’t as believable as they could be. Parents will love it because Kern always wears his helmet and because of the message.

“Being afraid does not mean that you lack courage. It just keeps you careful in doing what you must,” Veritas tells Kern.

In the end the humor gives way to warmth and sweetness, and will almost bring tears to your eyes.

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