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Play Dead (DVD Review)

18 Sep, 2009 By: Jordan Harrison

Play Dead

Play Dead (DVD Review)
Street 9/22/09
Echo Bridge
$19.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Chris Klein, Fred Durst, Jake Busey, Sasha Alexander.

Play Dead has potential to be a good movie, with notable stars Chris Klein (American Pie, Election) and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit in lead roles.

Klein plays Ronnie Reno, a man who saw fame early in his career in the starring role of “Hero Team.” After the show’s end, however, he went from constant television exposure to missing person status. After he screws up an audition, he does what any normal frustrated actor does and drives to Nevada. His luck gets worse and eventually his car overheats. Forced to wander, he runs into an awkward, lonely man by the name of Ledge (Durst), who promises to help him. Reno discovers the body of a DEA agent in Ledge’s bathtub and is immediately immersed in a small-town drug ring, with small-time thugs after him. The only thing Reno decides will work is to call his actor friends from “Hero Team” to help him out. This obviously backfires, and a ridiculous ending ensues.

Play Dead wobbles between the comedy, drama and action genres. It is rich with offensive language, and tries to be funny in places where it should have taken itself seriously.

The best thing about the movie was Durst’s performance. The film is worth seeing just for his role.

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