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Viacom CEO: Better Viewing Measurement Equals More Content for Consumers

10 Dec, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Viacom president and CEO Philippe Dauman is hoping audience measurement for viewing of his company’s content on mobile devices improves, for two reasons: more content for consumers and more advertising for Viacom.

“I think over the next year there will be progress made by Nielsen and other parties around the world, and we will see better sampling methodology, better coverage of other devices, whether it’s the tablets or smaller mobile devices,” Dauman said, speaking at the UBS 41st Annual Global Media and Communications Conference. “We have a lot of our viewing of content taking place in a way that’s not satisfactorily measured. Once that measurement becomes better we’ll be able to put more of our content on these devices.

“The younger audiences are more apt to use these smaller devices, so that will play in our favor.”

Viacom is getting better at inserting relevant advertising into content being displayed on other platforms.

“Our content disproportionately is viewed on free VOD and cable systems, so for us to be able to monetize that … however the windows evolve … is a great incremental advertising opportunity for us,” Dauman said.

“I think the year ahead will see a lot of progress in both measurement and distribution of networks and content across mobile devices, and as you combine those two phenomena, we will disproportionality benefit from the demographics we serve across most of our networks,” he added.

Nickelodeon and MTV second-screen apps have been “very successful” for Viacom, Dauman added, “and we’re going to launch [an app] for just about every one of our networks.” That opens the way for Viacom to offer more of it content more broadly, as well as to offer more ads.

Dauman said consumers who are using the apps become very engaged with the content, and that Viacom’s brands “provide a very known, very safe environment for advertisers.” He did note that the quantity of video available on second-screen apps is “limited” compared to the linear environment but “demand is high.”

“Consumers want to be able to access content on more devices in more places, and they want more on-demand content, and all of that works well for us, and as the ecosystem evolves in a way where you have TV Everywhere dream becoming closer to reality, it is very good for ourselves and other content owners, because we’ll be able to satisfy the consumers, and give them the opportunity to see more content,” he said.

Dauman also added that Viacom is looking to expand its international presence, “penetrate markets that are otherwise very limited to us.”

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