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CE Companies Seek Standardized 3D Glasses

8 Aug, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Aug. 8 are among four companies that have joined forces to create a standardized 3D eyewear for home and theatrical use featuring wireless radio frequency technology found in Bluetooth devices.

Dubbed the “Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative,” the new glasses would be compatible with 3DTVs, personal computers, projectors and 3D theaters with XPAND active shutter glasses — the latter manufactured by X6D Limited, the fourth company involved in the project.

In addition to cost, confusion regarding active shutter and passive 3D eyewear, as well as compatibility among competing 3DTV manufactures, have contributed to sluggish consumer adoption of 3D in the home.

According to The NPD Group, active 3D technology took an average of 96% share of the U.S. 3DTV market in the first half of this year. The Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative is expected to further drive consumer adoption and understanding of active 3D, according to the CE manufacturers.

The license of the initiative is targeted to be released in September, at which time the development of new standardization-applied active 3D glasses will begin. Universal glasses with the new IR/RF protocols will be made available in 2012, and are targeted to be backward compatible with 2011 3DTVs.


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