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Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE (DVD Review)

24 Apr, 2014 By: John Latchem

$14.93 DVD
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Off the bat, any list of great pro-wrestling entrance music that doesn’t include Hulk Hogan’s iconic “Real American” doesn’t have much credibility. So the fact that WWE’s in-house countdown DVD of the company’s top 25 theme songs manages to omit “Real American” entirely from the list is a major strike against the release.

This is all the more strange considering WWE.com posted a list just this past September which properly included “Real American” in its rightful No. 1 spot. (Another personal favorite, the Million Dollar Man’s theme, also was on that list but is missing from the DVD.)

Such seems to be a problem with these WWE countdown-type releases. As with the Top 50 finishing move countdown DVD/Blu-ray from 2012, some of the selections seem to have been picked more due to whom they represent, rather than necessarily the merits or impact they had (for example, the themes for Stone Cold Steve Austin and Razor Ramon are just different arrangements of the same basic tune).

The disc doesn’t reveal who pieced together this list, but I suspect the marketing team might have had a lot of sway over it (and Hogan’s iffy relationship with the company the past few years might explain some things, too).

That’s not to say the title is a complete wash. WWE in-house composer Jim Johnston is interviewed extensively to discuss how he formulated many of the iconic sounds associated with some of the greatest wrestlers of the past 30 years. He’s the real star of this DVD, and the musical insights he provides should be enough to entice wrestling fans who will be left scratching their heads over the contents of the list.

Granted, best-of lists are meant to inspire debate, but given the bizarre choices on this one, it might have been wiser to just do a documentary about WWE music. Looking past the list’s glaring omissions, this collection as is serves pretty much the same effect.

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