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Plan B (DVD Review)

21 Oct, 2010 By: Billy Gil

Street 10/26/10
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.
In Spanish with English subtitles.

Plan B falls into the rare category of gay film that is able to be highly erotic without gratuitous sex or nudity.

In the film, Bruno (Manuel Vignau) is dumped by his girlfriend and wants her back. He decides he’ll get close to her new boyfriend, Pablo (Lucas Ferraro), who supposedly has had a gay experience in the past.

On the surface, it would seem Plan B is an excuse for a gay fantasy — two long-haired, scruffy straight Argentine men spend more time canoodling with each other than with their girlfriends, including sharing a bed in their man-thongs. But while the ensuing bromance between Bruno and Pablo could’ve easily been camped or sexed up, it isn’t. Instead it feels authentic and actually convinces us that the feelings Bruno and Pablo begin to have for one another are very real, and complex. It also reminds viewers that a film doesn’t have to be overtly sexual to be sexy; in fact, it helps here that the film isn’t very sexual. While not a great film — it’s a bit lacking in dramatic heft — Plan B is still artfully shot and a welcome breather from mainstream gay cinema.   

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