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August (DVD Review)

11 Aug, 2012 By: Maribel Castañeda

Street 8/14/12
$24.95 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Murray Bartlett, Daniel Dugan, Adrian Gonzalez.

Here comes another love story filled with passion, romance and, of course, betrayal, but add a modern twist by switching the leading lady with a man and you get August.

August is the expansion of director Eldar Rapaport’s award-winning short film Postmortem, in which he explores the multidimensional facets of a relationship between two gay men. Set in Los Angeles during the summer, Jonathan (Daniel Dugan) and Raul’s (Adrian Gonzalez) relationship gets tested when Jonathan’s ex, Troy (Murray Bartlett), comes into town to stir up old feelings.

The film takes a new approach to telling a love story by cutting through the clutter and focusing solely on the ensuing love triangle. No background information on the characters (except for the knowledge that Jonathan and Troy had a nasty break-up after Troy left to Spain), no initial interaction with other characters and no introduction to their L.A. lives. The film simply jumps straight into the steamy affairs between the main characters that leaves nothing to the imagination.

August gathers speed throughout the story but with no final ending; viewers are left to guess the conclusion.

The fresh approach of concentrating more on the dialogue than the action reveals the complexity of any relationship, whether it is a gay or straight one. August depicts relationships in the modern world regardless of sexual preference.

The tangled web these men weave is so intense you get lost in the commotion and end up picking favorites.

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